forest walks


Janene provides forest therapy and nature connection experiences that invite us to activate, integrate, and rest in our connection with the natural world and with each other through a offers a variety of customized experiences, including:

+ Public walks (see current offerings below)

+ Private walks for individuals, couples, families, or groups

+ Custom walks for events, corporate teams, or conferences

+ Immersive nature connection retreats

Please contact Janene for pricing and to schedule a unique, private walk for your family, group, or special event. Public forest walks are listed below.



"I would highly recommend people to step outside of their comfort zone and go on a nature therapy walk! I needed this healing from the forest way more than I realized. The entire experience is one of a kind!"


The forest has been given to us to remind us that all life is connected. Surrendering your burdens to the forest is an amazing way to come to peace. I highly recommend trying it."

"I would encourage all of my friends to get away from life and enjoy the  experience."

"A walk with Janene is a wonderful way to connect with nature and reconnect with yourself." 

forest therapy is more like play, and less like work

upcoming walks

Each public walk is limited to 12 participants in order to preserve an intimate experience. All walks are intended for ages 15 and over unless otherwise noted. To schedule a larger group walk, a private group or individual walk, or to register for any of the public walk listed below, please email Janene. 

solstice & equinox  offerings

Around each solstice and equinox -  in March, June, September, December - I offer a walk free of charge. These are great opportunities to try forest bathing, and I consider them my offering to ​the Vancouver, WA community.

Spring Equinox Walk

Friday, March 20

5pm - 7:30pm

CANCELLED due to COVID-19 concerns

Autumn Equinox Walk

Tuesday, September 22

Time TBD

Salmon-Morgan Creeks Natural Area

Summer Solstice Walk

Saturday, June 20

9:30am - 12pm

CANCELLED due to COVID-19 concerns

Winter Solstice Walk

Sunday, December 20

Time TBD

Salmon-Morgan Creeks Natural Area

Please register for any walk you plan on attending, including those with no fee. This helps your guide to be prepared for the group size, as well as communicate any pertinent information prior to the walk. Thank you!

forest therapy is more like freedom, and less like structure

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